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Massage Therapy Accreditation

Your desire to enhance your education is an act of “choosing” your future. Think. Landing a career of choice and realizing a different lifestyle is something we’d like all of our students to achieve. As a result, Everest adheres to the high standards of accreditation, which means you’ll get the best training possible for your field of choice.

What is Accreditation?

An institution that’s able to meet or exceed the necessary educational criteria is “accredited.”  We meet these standards because we know how important it is for out students to receive a quality education.

Accreditation assures the following:

  • An institution’s quality of education delivered
  • An institution’s operational consistency
  • Continual institutional improvements
  • Strong public accountability

How Accreditation Benefits You

Part of the accreditation process requires that instructors along with course curriculum meets a high set of standards.

Attending Everest can be a huge benefit because employers will value your training. As such, Everest bears the distinction of being a qualified institution where students can get career training for many of today’s most popular career fields.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you jump-start a career.

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