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Massage Therapy Jobs and Careers

Massage therapist applies therapeutic massage techniques to a client's back and shoulder's.

The massage therapy training you receive at Everest can prepare you to hit the ground running when it comes time to seek entry-level employment. Of course, your success at finding a job may depend on factors such as your own work ethic, experience, local market factors and other conditions.

However, we know that with the right training and support, your chances of finding the massage therapy job or career of your dreams can be greatly enhanced.

Massage therapists may find work as:

  • Practitioners who are self-employed
  • Commissioned or salaried employees
  • Private or group practitioners
  • Independent contractors

The following are career fields that may employ massage therapists:

Massage Chains and Spas

There are many respected massage chains and spas throughout the United States and Canada, such as Massage Envy and Day Spas (Burke-Williams/Glenn Ivy).

Private Practices

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, opening up a business or clinic can become a lot more plausible if you have the right industry training and experience.

Multidisciplinary Clinics

It can make a lot of sense for massage therapists to join forces with other industry professionals to create a full-service clinic environment. The results can be a one-stop-shopping venue for clients.

Doctors’ and Chiropractors’ Offices

Massage therapists can be a complement to both traditional and chiropractic medicine.

Rehabilitation Centers

Massage is quite often seen as a useful adjunct to the healing arts. Thus, rehabilitation centers employ a number of massage therapy professionals.

Health Clubs or Fitness Centers

Opportunities to work at a health or fitness center can vary widely. If you have the skills and experience and can find a high-end club to work with, your talents may be able to take you further than you imagined.

Sports Teams or Sports Medicine Clinics

Working for a sports team or sports medicine clinic is a great opportunity if it can become a reality. Sports teams often have huge budgets to work with and often may be able to pay decent salaries to professionals with the skills and experience to make the team.

Contact Everest today to learn more about the many careers available to qualified and experienced massage therapists.

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